13 signs that show you are in a toxic relationship

Learn to strike a balance as a female

Bella is the girl who makes excuses for everyone, the one who says “Maybe” in place of “No” simply because she doesn’t want to leave anyone hurt. The one who made being lavishly nice a hobby that she forgot to draw the line between ” reception” and “over-accesibility”. Yes, she’s that girl who’s been hurt […]

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20 Corporate Business terms to know (1)

Yes, it’s a brand new day already and you are about to attend your first business conference. Finally! There you are, seated in the midst of prominent business tycoons of various denominations and classes. Everything sounds pretty simple and basic for a start, you seem to be flowing with the tide. Suddenly, it’s 30 minutes […]

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Character or Charisma?

Exposition Ever gotten close to someone everyone admires from afar, only to be in awe of the kind of traits the person exudes? If Yes, that’s a clear case of Charisma without good Character. Well, what’s the difference anyway? The words, Character and Charisma are both of Greek origin. Charisma simply put, is the ability […]

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