We all know a Goldsmith forges things out of Gold but ever heard of a Mindsmith? Probably not!

Who is a Mindsmith?

A Mindsmith is one who constantly works on upgrading/advancing the mind!

About RMS

Royalmindsmith.com is an inspirational blog with contents on self improvement/personal advancement, relationship, business, motivation, success and lifestyle.

Our vision statement

“To positively build alternative minds”.

By alternative mind, we mean a mind that “thinks outside the box” and is willing to learn and maximize every opportunity it comes across.

Our Mission

We seek to achieve the above by writing content geared towards the vision.

About our partners

Royalmindsmith.com is hosted in the US by Hostgator. We work with WordPress.org, Hostgator, Google and a few others to make our blogging experience pleasurable.


The site is owned and controlled by Fortune Wobidi. A multi-talented youth driven by his goal to positively touch lives the best way he can.

Message from Fortune

Dear Mindsmith, i am pleased to have you here! The aim of this site is to literally build up the mind until it reaches a refined state. I believe that personal development and self improvement is a conscious activity, it doesn’t happen by chance. Self improvement isn’t just the ability to grow/be in total control of yourself but to also develop the required skills to deal/interact peacably and maturely with others irrespective of circumstances.

Having said this, I would be glad to get your feedbacks!

If you have any complaint or inquiry to make, kindly contact us at; www.royalmindsmith.com/contact-us

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