Character or Charisma?


Ever gotten close to someone everyone admires from afar, only to be in awe of the kind of traits the person exudes? If Yes, that’s a clear case of Charisma without good Character.

Well, what’s the difference anyway?

The words, Character and Charisma are both of Greek origin. Charisma simply put, is the ability to elicit favor in other people. It is derived from the Greek word, ”Kharisma”  which means ”favor or divine gift”. The English Mini Dictionary defines it as ”the ability to influence without the use of logic. It is like a magnetic charm that an individual naturally  exudes without struggling. Charismatic people have the ability to easily elicit loyalty from people. They just have a way of worming themselves into people’s comfort.

Character on the other hand is derived from the Greek word ”Kharakter” which means ”engraved mark” or ”symbol/imprint on the soul”. It is a distinguishing feature, a blend of ethical traits that makes up a person. In other words, it is the sum of qualities that defines a person. A person of good character upholds the truth at all times and stands for what is right even in the face of situations where compromise would be logical. The sum total of experiences gained in good or bad times help to chisel out the best of character as this gives an opportunity to grow to a refined state.

Facts about Charisma and Character

*Charisma is a natural/divine gift embedded in man. Character isn’t a divine or natural endowment unless in exceptional cases. It is consciously learnt, built and refined as the years go by.

*Background, environment and relationships have a way of reflecting on people’s characters. This does not in anyway affect Charisma as it is naturally embedded.

*While Charisma announces you easily, Character gives substance to your being and authenticity to your Charisma!

*Character is tangible in every sense of the word, it is the real YOU.

*There are more people with Charisma than those with good Character or both.

*Charisma requires the presence of people to be effected while Character does not, it could be effected with or without the presence of people.

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Differences between a Charismatic leader and a Character driven leader

  • A Charismatic leader makes himself indispensable and a center of attention amidst his subordinates. As a result of this, he is only effective when present but after his departure, there is a sense of abandonment as all his subordinates feel less useful without him.
  • A Character driven leader on the other hand, never feels indispensable nor makes himself the center of attraction. He models his life and manner of approach so much that he reproduces or duplicates himself in others. In the event that he leaves, his subordinates would not be stranded without him.
  • A Charismatic leader is more prone to compromise especially when in the face of opposition. He probably wouldn’t be able to stand his ground as much as a leader who puts morals, ethical values,principles and integrity first. He is prone to backing out when he doesn’t get the excitement he got initially.
  • A leader with good character is in a better position to manage people as he can relate to their emotions, psychology and ordeals, having passed through the refinement process.
  • A Charismatic leader depends on quick results but a character driven leader is more patient and takes life a step at a time.
  • A Character driven leader most often has a better sense of judgement than the other.

Final thoughts

From the above, if you were to run an evaluation test on yourself, where would you be categorized?

If Character is intact, that’s good.


But if Character is lacking and you have a strong charisma, you could start from today to make a U-turn. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. For a start:

  • You could consciously work on basic virtues such as, patience, love, faith, kindness, perseverance, prudence. etc.
  • Set daily targets for yourself you could be committed to. It could be not getting unnecessarily angry at anybody for half a day or a whole day.
  • Reward yourself for each target or goal met.

It is noteworthy that for one to be at his best, a good measure or blend of the two is necessary for being remarkably outstanding and yielding results. YOU can start today, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


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