First Impressions(the other perspective).

Wrong Perspective!

FirstĀ  impressions might not always be the right perspective! Never be in a haste to throw stones, blow whistles, or judge others. Certain circumstances or situations condition the way people think or act, especially in the face of opposition. Give people a chance to make mistakes even if it’s your first encounter. You never can tell, they could be in an emotional tussle or probably having a rough day. Yes, they might sound harsh, vain, offensive but you can’t be the judge unless of course, you hold their life’s manual in your palm. Ever wondered why you hear your friend or pal say really nice things about certain people and then you’re drowned in your thoughts, wondering how this same person matches up to the “version” you saw the other day? Here’s the reason, “Wrong first impression of a first encounter”.

How to handle people’s attitudinal displays on the first day?

Smile and say to yourself, “there are bad times and good times; perhaps, this is just a bad time”. Do this and hope that the second encounter would be better. Even if it doesn’t get better, say to yourself, “It could only get better”. Never settle for negativity, always build positive vibes around you.

The Truth!

There’s GOOD in every human, it takes the right people and the right timing to bring them out!

*Never give up on people unless your paths were never meant to meet. (Meeting people is never by coincidence, there’s a supernatural factor influencing it).

*Be a people builder and not a destroyer or character assassin.

*Attitudes shouldn’t dim your mood, it’s theirs and not yours unless of course, you’re the one at fault.

*Love people beyond their flaws, it makes you lead a happier life.



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Fortune Wobidi is a freelance/inspirational writer, Poet, Content editor, Guidance counselor, Motivational speaker, Online entrepreneur, and a Contemporary musician. He is the Founder and CEO of Royalmindsmith International, an Online body sold out to motivating and guiding youths in their quest to find self. He is of the belief that self discovery is a necessity for purpose realization and life fulfilment. He also believes that people shouldn't be written off without given the chance to prove their self worth. He is people oriented, adroit, goal driven and above all, an everyday learner....You could follow Fortune on Instagram @fortune_ozy


  1. Very true my friend…a bad mindset most times is born out of ” wrong first impression on a first encounter “

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