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Learn to strike a balance as a female

Bella is the girl who makes excuses for everyone, the one who says “Maybe” in place of “No” simply because she doesn’t want to leave anyone hurt. The one who made being lavishly nice a hobby that she forgot to draw the line between ” reception” and “over-accesibility”.

Yes, she’s that girl who’s been hurt before but craves a love so deep she could swim with the sharks. She’s lost herself a thousand times trying to gain people’s loyalty and trust only to realize all she has is God and herself. How sad it feels to give people your all, only to be used in return.

Strike a balance:

The sad truth is that people won’t always be there for you and you can’t always be there for people. You’ve got to learn to strike a balance for the sake of yourself and the people you love. We live in a crazy world where people like you and me would constantly be walked upon until we decide to stand up for ourselves. Striking a balance means you should know when to take certain actions at certain times. Know when to play nice and when to be upfront.

3 helpful tips every girl needs in expressing themselves:

1. Speak your mind:

Keeping silent is you consenting to the mistreatment you receive. Stand your ground, you owe it to yourself. However, learning to speak your mind is a skill that needs to be mastered. Learning to speak your mind in this regard entails knowing how to healthily be in touch with your emotions and how to air your views maturely.

2. Never give a diplomatic answer that’s irrelevant at the time out of sympathy. Some girls find it difficult to say the needful when necessary. This is because they’ve grown up with poor orientation from the society that they ought to be soft spoken so they don’t hurt the other party, especially if it’s a male. Sadly, this is a norm that is quite obtainable in most third world societies today. If the situation requires you taking stern measures and giving a direct answer, say it how it is. Do not betray your emotions or hurt yourself in a bid to satisfy the other party’s ego.

3. Do what refreshes you, you deserve it, be bold, be YOU! Never miss out on a chance to express yourself when it’s appropriate. Timidity is a mindset just as boldness is, don’t let society define who you are nor decide things for you.

“The worst betrayal you can ever experience is the betrayal of self”.

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