Letting go of hurt and hatred: Facts and Reasons to let go

There are times in life when circumstances and events may seem to way you down, when you feel like the world is caving in on you. There are times when you’ll lose a friend or two, when the jaws of betrayal would leave its pangs on you. Consequently, you start harbouring hatred and disgust for those people who hurt you so bad. These feelings are absolutely natural and shouldn’t make you feel less of a human. At times like this, you’re left with two choices— to either harbour the hate, revenge or to forgive, let go and feel better.
However, harbouring hatred is like carrying a dead body on your shoulders wherever you go.

There are two obvious things people notice about a dead body:

1. Its Weight

A dead body has what is often called a “death weight”. Due to its relaxed state and no blood circulation, it seems to be as heavy as probably a few heap of bricks or even a log of wood. A much simply explation would be a constrast between carrying someone who’s conscious and awake and carrying a sleeping or unconscious person, you’ll notice that it feels heavier when the person is asleep. In the same vein, when you harbour hatred, you subconsciously pile up unnecessary death weights and they slow you down! No one carries a heavy load and walks or runs at a normal pace, the pressure and pain is excruciating.

2. Its Smell:

The smell of a dead body is about the most  repulsive and irritating you could ever come across. It could literally make you catch a fever, throw up or even pass out, depending on your body chemistry. When you harbour hatred, you unknowingly exude a smelly atmosphere around you that puts people away. This atmosphere is often propelled by your attitude. You would often notice that your attitude towards others most time would be outrageously dramatic, causing people to pull away from you. Consequently, you also feel irritated, unhappy and unsatisfied with yourself most times. It eats you up slowly from within. Harbouring hatred is that bad!

What you gain from letting go:

1. Relief:

When you finally let go, the first sign you would feel is sudden relief, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Letting go is letting yourself go as well.

2. Extraordinary joy:

You would suddenly feel happier than before. You would finally realize you’ve been caged all the while, you just can’t help but appreciate the freedom.

3. Inner Peace:

This is about the best feeling any human can get. When you you finally let go, you suddenly begin to feel momentary inner peace like never before. Inner peace leaves you in a tranquil and balanced state of mind. It gives you the luxury of being in touch with and in total control of your mind, emotion and all your senses.

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4. Healthier heart:

Letting go, fosters a healthier heart which leads to healthier emotions.

5. Lower blood pressure:

When you let go, you do not brood over spilled milk or things that are inconsequential. You do not think or plan towards a pay back or revenge which fosters negative emotions (they could give you unnecessary high blood pressure). When you let go, you subconsciously make yourself immune to blood pressure related health issues and impediments.

6. High self esteem and confidence:

Letting go is a sign of high self esteem in a way. It shows that you’ve grown above stooping to hold grudges against people. High self esteem gives you to courage to stand before the people who hurt you before without acting like you noticed what they did. It shows your level of maturity and emotional intelligence around people.

So you see, the benefits of letting go is rewarding at the end of the day. Always remember this,

“When you let go of hatred, resentment, hurt, betrayal, you let go of yourself but when you hold back the pain and hatred, you leave yourself entrapped too”.

Choose the former, it pays of in the end.


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Letting go of hurt and hatred: Facts and reasons to let go

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