Success versus Experiences

Sometimes our experiences in life often becloud our judgements. Our experiences sometimes make us have a stereotypical view of life or develop some kind of absurd prejudice! Some people go as far as making such slanderous accusations like: “He dipped his hands in blood money”,.etc

The Truth!

That you weren’t successful in accomplishing a task doesn’t mean that others haven’t/wouldn’t scale through successfully. That you’ve toiled so hard and yet your bank account doesn’t measure up to your efforts doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who have made so much from the same “toil” and “struggle”. The “hustle” in itself doesn’t yield anything but HOW you “hustle” either births FUTILITY or FERTILITY!
*Learn to approach life with an open mind!
*Develop a teachable spirit!
*Rather than criticize others who have made it in the same field as yours, approach them with the willingness to learn! Don’t judge a book by its cover!
*Determine to make a name for yourself but keep sanity alive! Don’t do anything to dent your image!
*Love people!
*Be reasonably intentional about growth!
*It’s never crowded at the top, the sky is vast enough to accommodate more stars!
*Keep hope and faith alive!
*Don’t give up, You are success on a journey!

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Fortune Wobidi is a freelance/inspirational writer, Poet, Content editor, Guidance counselor, Motivational speaker, Online entrepreneur, and a Contemporary musician. He is the Founder and CEO of Royalmindsmith International, an Online body sold out to motivating and guiding youths in their quest to find self. He is of the belief that self discovery is a necessity for purpose realization and life fulfilment. He also believes that people shouldn't be written off without given the chance to prove their self worth. He is people oriented, adroit, goal driven and above all, an everyday learner....You could follow Fortune on Instagram @fortune_ozy


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