Discipline, Consistency and Time; what true Success entails!

John C. Maxwell said, ‘‘Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, and that bridge must be crossed every day’’.

A caterpillar is a butterfly on a journey. At its elementary stage, it doesn’t catch the eye at first glance, it probably has a hideous look. However, it worries less about the future because it is subject to time and process, “metamorphosis”. No matter how long it might take, it knows for sure, “Someday, I’ll grow into a beautiful butterfly everyone would admire”.
In the same vein, just like the caterpillar, every man on earth is on a journey. Success is a life-long process, it is subject to time.

However, between time and process, there are slots for consistency and discipline. Consistency is simply “devotion to purpose”. When a man stays focused on his quest for success, “time and process” become less burdensome because his mind has adjusted to the fact that if these principles are followed with all sincerity and perseverance, success is inevitable. When he has the ardent desire to leave a signature on the globe, opportunity as well as success does not take him by surprise, he knows it’s a done deal, bound to be realized!

#Stay True to your calling/quest.
#Every man’s vision and mission varies.
#Success is an intentional journey, it is not for the fainthearted!
It is my honest desire that we all come to the point in life where we’ll look back, smile and say, “I’m glad I boarded this train”.

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Fortune Wobidi is a freelance/inspirational writer, Poet, Content editor, Guidance counselor, Motivational speaker, Online entrepreneur, and a Contemporary musician. He is the Founder and CEO of Royalmindsmith International, an Online body sold out to motivating and guiding youths in their quest to find self. He is of the belief that self discovery is a necessity for purpose realization and life fulfilment. He also believes that people shouldn't be written off without given the chance to prove their self worth. He is people oriented, adroit, goal driven and above all, an everyday learner....You could follow Fortune on Instagram @fortune_ozy


  1. Deep truth. Appreciate the effort to share the vital nuggets you have unearthed and refined and polished.

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